Sonic the Hedgehog – Playstation 3 review

Imagine a world where you can race through vibrant and thrilling environments at breakneck speeds, all while battling enemies and collecting rings. Well, with Sonic the Hedgehog for Playstation 3, that world becomes a reality. This game has been 15 years in the making, and it truly shows in every aspect.

By owning Sonic the Hedgehog, you’ll be able to experience the joy of controlling this iconic video game character like never before. With next-gen technologies, the game brings Sonic’s speed to a whole new level, with stunning light bloom and environmental motion-blur effects. Not only that, but you’ll also get to encounter both familiar friends and foes from Sonic’s history, as well as a new character named Silver, whose supernatural powers will add an exciting twist to the gameplay.

Now, if you don’t own Sonic the Hedgehog for Playstation 3, you may be missing out on an incredible gaming experience. Without this game, you won’t get to explore vast environments in the town stages or enjoy the full effect of Sonic’s blistering speed in the action stages. The realistic world, powered by a next-generation physics engine, allows for responsive moves, attacks, and environment interactions. So, without Sonic the Hedgehog, you’ll be missing the opportunity to dive into a thrilling and immersive Sonic adventure. In this review, we’ll take a deeper look at all the amazing features and gameplay that this game has to offer.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Playstation 3

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How “Sonic the Hedgehog – Playstation 3” Works

Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 is an exhilarating game that brings the iconic video game character back to his high-velocity roots. With 15 years in the making since his debut in 1991, Sonic returns with a new dimension of entertainment. This game utilizes next-gen technologies such as light bloom and environmental motion-blur effects to bring Sonic’s breakneck speed and dazzling world to life.

Speed Redefined

One of the standout features of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 is the way it redefines speed. Sonic’s lightning-fast movements will leave you on the edge of your seat as he races through various levels, collecting rings and defeating enemies. The game’s stunning visuals, enhanced by next-gen technologies, truly capture the exhilaration of Sonic’s high-speed adventures.

Friends and Enemies

In addition to Sonic himself, this game features a cast of characters from the franchise’s history. Players will encounter familiar friends like Tails and Knuckles, as well as iconic enemies like Dr. Eggman. Sonic is also joined by a new character named Silver, whose supernatural powers add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Get ready for epic battles and unexpected alliances as you navigate the world of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Realistic World

Thanks to a next-generation physics engine, Sonic’s moves, attacks, and environment interaction in the game respond realistically to opposing forces. Whether Sonic is spinning, jumping, or dashing, the physics engine ensures that his movements feel authentic and immersive. This level of realism adds depth to the gameplay and makes every action feel impactful.

Two Different Types of Stages

Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 offers two different types of stages for players to enjoy. Town stages allow Sonic to explore vast environments and engage in various sub-missions. These stages encourage exploration and offer opportunities to uncover hidden treasures and secrets. On the other hand, Action stages focus on Sonic’s blistering speed, putting players’ reflexes to the test. These stages offer intense, adrenaline-pumping gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

“Sonic the Hedgehog – Playstation 3” Uses

The uses of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 are varied and exciting. Here are a few examples:

Experiencing High-Speed Action

If you’re a fan of fast-paced, action-packed gameplay, Sonic the Hedgehog is the perfect game for you. The combination of Sonic’s breakneck speed and the game’s visually stunning effects will keep you hooked from start to finish. Prepare yourself for heart-pounding races and thrilling combat against iconic enemies.

Exploring Vast Environments

The town stages in Sonic the Hedgehog offer a unique and immersive experience. You can take your time to explore the detailed environments, uncover secrets, and complete sub-missions. Whether you’re a completionist looking to uncover every hidden gem or simply enjoy taking in the beautifully crafted surroundings, these stages provide a welcome change of pace.

Mastering Reflexes and Timing

The action stages in Sonic the Hedgehog are designed to test your reflexes and timing. As Sonic barrels through the levels at breakneck speed, you’ll need to react quickly to obstacles, enemies, and platforming challenges. This game will challenge your hand-eye coordination and keep you on your toes as you navigate through the fast-paced, high-stakes levels.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Playstation 3

Check out the Sonic the Hedgehog - Playstation 3 here.

Product Specifications

To give you a better understanding of the capabilities of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3, here is a breakdown of its specifications:

Specifications Details
Platform Playstation 3
Genre Action, Platformer
Players Single-player, Multiplayer
Release Date November XX, 2006
Publisher Sega
Developer Sonic Team, Dimps
ESRB Rating E for Everyone
File Size Varies

Who Is “Sonic the Hedgehog – Playstation 3” For

Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 is suitable for a wide range of gamers. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Sonic franchise or new to the series, this game offers something for everyone.

  • Fans of Sonic: If you have been following Sonic’s adventures for years, this game is a must-have. It brings Sonic back to his roots and delivers the fast-paced action and exhilaration that fans have come to love.

  • Platforming Enthusiasts: If you enjoy platforming games that challenge your reflexes and timing, Sonic the Hedgehog is a great choice. Its mix of high-speed action and precise platforming makes for a thrilling gameplay experience.

  • Casual Gamers: Even if you’re not an avid gamer, Sonic the Hedgehog offers an accessible and enjoyable experience. The game’s easy-to-learn controls and vibrant visuals make it a great option for casual players looking for some fun and excitement.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Playstation 3

Pros and Cons


  • Fast-paced gameplay that captures the essence of Sonic.
  • Stunning visuals and special effects.
  • Interesting cast of characters, both new and familiar.
  • Next-generation physics engine adds a layer of realism.
  • Diverse stages offer a range of gameplay experiences.


  • Some players may find the high-speed action overwhelming.
  • Camera angles can be slightly problematic in certain situations.


  1. Can this game be played on the Playstation 4? No, Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 is exclusive to that console and cannot be played on the Playstation 4.

  2. Is there a multiplayer mode available? Yes, this game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing you to enjoy Sonic’s adventures with friends.

  3. Are there any additional downloadable content (DLC)? No, Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 does not have any downloadable content available.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Playstation 3

What Customers Say About “Sonic the Hedgehog – Playstation 3”

  • “Sonic the Hedgehog brings back so many memories. The high-speed gameplay is just as thrilling as I remember it.”
  • “The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning. Sonic has never looked better!”
  • “I love the variety of stages in this game. Whether I want to explore or go for a fast-paced race, there’s always something exciting to do.”

Overall Value

Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 offers incredible value for gamers of all ages. Its high-speed, action-packed gameplay, stunning visuals, and diverse stages make it an absolute blast to play. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Sonic or new to the franchise, this game is a must-have for any Playstation 3 owner.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Playstation 3

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Pay attention to your surroundings in the action stages. Quick reflexes and anticipation are key to avoiding obstacles and enemies.
  • Explore the town stages thoroughly to uncover hidden secrets and maximize your score.
  • Experiment with different character abilities to find your preferred playstyle.


In conclusion, Sonic the Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 delivers an exhilarating and visually stunning gaming experience. With its breakneck speed, stunning graphics, and diverse stages, this game brings Sonic back to his high-velocity roots in the best way possible. Whether you’re a fan of the franchise, a platforming enthusiast, or a casual gamer, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience Sonic’s new dimension of entertainment!

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