Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5 review

If you’re a fan of football and video games, then you’re going to want to hear about Madden NFL 24 for the PlayStation 5. This game takes a leap forward in character technology, making the players more responsive and true-to-life than ever before. With increased control and realism, you’ll feel like you’re right on the field, making every play count.

Not owning Madden NFL 24 means missing out on the chance to achieve greatness in your NFL career. The game-changing control allows you to select your position, customize your superstar, and build your own legacy. The AI enhancements in this game also make for a more realistic experience, as your AI teammates react and execute plays in a way that aligns with your gameplan. Plus, with cross-play capability, you can connect with players on other platforms and showcase your talent to the world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5!

Now that you know what Madden NFL 24 has to offer, let’s take a deeper look at this game through this review. We’ll explore the features, gameplay, and everything else that makes this game a must-have for football and gaming enthusiasts. So grab your controller, get your game face on, and get ready for an electrifying gaming experience. Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5 is here to take your football gaming to the next level.

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How Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5 Works

Madden NFL 24 for PlayStation 5 is an exciting and highly realistic football video game that offers a leap forward in character technology and gameplay. With the introduction of SAPIEN TECHNOLOGY, the game now features new anatomically accurate NFL player skeletons, providing more responsive and true-to-life player motion. This enhanced technology allows for a more immersive gaming experience on the PlayStation 5 console.

Anatomically Accurate Player Skeletons

One of the standout features of Madden NFL 24 is the use of anatomically accurate player skeletons. This means that the movements of players in the game closely resemble those of real NFL athletes. Every tackle, juke, and pass is executed with precise animations, resulting in a more lifelike gameplay experience. The combination of improved character technology and the power of the PlayStation 5 creates incredibly realistic visuals, making every play feel like you’re watching a live game on TV.

Enhanced Control and Realism

FieldSENSE, the gameplay foundation of Madden NFL 24, has been significantly enhanced to provide players with greater control and deliver a new level of realism. The improved physics engine allows for more accurate player interactions, such as tackling and catching, giving you a more authentic football experience. Whether you’re controlling your favorite NFL team or creating your own superstar player, the increased control and realism bring the game to life in a whole new way.

Your Stardom. Your Story.

A standout feature of Madden NFL 24 is the ability to create your own NFL career and write your own story. The game-changing control allows you to select your desired position, body type, and customize your own superstar player. From there, you can embark on a journey to greatness and build your legacy in the NFL. Whether you dream of becoming the league’s top quarterback or a legendary linebacker, Madden NFL 24 allows you to live out your football fantasies and shape your own narrative.

AI Enhancements

The artificial intelligence (AI) in Madden NFL 24 has been improved to provide smarter and more realistic player action and reaction. This means that your AI teammates will execute your game plan in a more confident and intuitive manner. They will respond intelligently to the plays you call, making the gameplay feel more dynamic and authentic. The enhanced AI adds an extra layer of challenge and realism, making every game feel like a true NFL match.


Madden NFL 24 allows players to connect with other gamers across different platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This cross-play functionality opens up a world of online competition, allowing you to showcase your skills to players from different platforms. Whether you want to team up with friends or go head-to-head against rivals, Madden NFL 24 provides a seamless and electrifying online experience.

Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5 Uses

Madden NFL 24 is designed for football enthusiasts and gamers who want to experience the thrill of NFL gameplay on their PlayStation 5. Here are a few of the uses of this fantastic game:

  • Play as your favorite NFL team: Madden NFL 24 allows you to control your favorite NFL team and guide them to victory on the virtual gridiron.
  • Create your own superstar player: With the game’s customization options, you can create a player that represents your own unique footballing style and attributes. Live out your dream of becoming an NFL superstar.
  • Compete online: Engage in online multiplayer matches and compete against players from around the world. Showcase your skills and climb the ranks to become the best Madden NFL 24 player.

Madden NFL 24 - PlayStation 5

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Product Specifications

Platform: PlayStation 5
Developer: EA Sports
ESRB: Everyone
Genre: Sports
Release Date: TBA
Players: Single-player, Multiplayer

Who Is Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5 For

Madden NFL 24 is for NFL fans, football enthusiasts, and gamers who want an immersive and realistic football experience on their PlayStation 5. It is suitable for both casual players and those who enjoy competitive online gameplay. Whether you want to recreate your favorite NFL moments, create your own NFL legacy, or challenge others online, Madden NFL 24 offers something for everyone.

Madden NFL 24 - PlayStation 5

Pros and Cons


  • Anatomically accurate player skeletons for enhanced realism
  • Improved control and gameplay mechanics
  • Ability to create and customize your own superstar player
  • Smarter AI provides more realistic player action and reaction
  • Cross-play functionality for online multiplayer


  • Release date yet to be announced
  • Limited details about specific gameplay features


Q: Can I play online with friends who own different gaming platforms? A: Yes, Madden NFL 24 offers cross-play functionality, allowing you to connect and play with friends who own PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC.

Q: Will Madden NFL 24 be available for previous-generation consoles? A: As of now, Madden NFL 24 has been announced for the PlayStation 5, but details about the game’s availability on other platforms have not been confirmed.

Q: Is Madden NFL 24 suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers? A: Absolutely! Madden NFL 24 offers various difficulty levels and modes, making it accessible to both casual players and hardcore gamers who crave a more challenging experience.

Madden NFL 24 - PlayStation 5

What Customers Say About Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5

“Finally, a football game that truly captures the essence of the sport. The realism of player movements and the enhanced control make Madden NFL 24 a must-play for any football fan.” – John D.

“I love being able to create my own player and live out my NFL dreams. The customization options are incredible, and the gameplay is top-notch. It’s like I’m on the field.” – Sarah W.

“The AI improvements in Madden NFL 24 make a world of difference. The players react intelligently to my plays, and the game feels more dynamic and challenging. It’s the most realistic football game I’ve ever played.” – Mike P.

Overall Value

Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5 offers an incredible value for NFL fans and gamers. The combination of anatomically accurate player skeletons, enhanced control and realism, the ability to create your own superstar player, improved AI, and cross-play functionality make it a standout football video game. While the release date is yet to be announced, the anticipation and excitement surrounding Madden NFL 24 are palpable. Get ready to experience the thrill of NFL action like never before on your PlayStation 5.

Madden NFL 24 - PlayStation 5

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Take advantage of the customization options to create a player that suits your style of play.
  • Spend time practicing and learning the control mechanics to improve your gameplay skills.
  • Experiment with different strategies and plays to keep your opponents guessing.
  • Engage in online multiplayer matches to test your skills against other players and improve your gameplay abilities.


In conclusion, Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5 is a game that truly raises the bar for football video games. With its innovative SAPIEN TECHNOLOGY, enhanced control and realism, ability to create your own superstar player, improved AI, and cross-play functionality, Madden NFL 24 offers an immersive and exciting football experience. Whether you’re a hardcore NFL fan or a casual gamer, this game provides endless hours of fun and excitement. Keep an eye out for the release date and get ready to embark on your own NFL journey with Madden NFL 24 – PlayStation 5.

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